The Bomb in Perspective

Back in the day, when PC users had downtime between tasks like using Excel or moving data around, they could play games from Microsoft’s Entertainment Pack. Minesweeper, a frustrating game in which players must uncover squares that do not contain bombs, was included in the bundle of preinstalled games. A spherical, timed bomb would end the battle in an instant. After Windows 8, Microsoft stopped supporting Minesweeper, but Red Tiger’s Bombuster gives players a chance to relive their glory days.

Bombuster, like Minesweeper, takes place on a grid, this one measuring 7 by 7. Now, however, you want the bombs to go off, because doing so will unlock Bombuster’s bonus features. Players may keep an eye out for Destroy Bombs, Wild Bombs, and Swap Bombs, which isn’t exactly a feature bonanza.

Bombuster’s basic background and traditional slot machine symbols may remind you of another Red Tiger grid slot called Fruit Snap. Bombuster, on the other hand, looks like something from the far future. Red Tiger has gone for a space-themed slot machine by placing the action on the event horizon of a black hole, or something. The music in both games is also very similar, consisting mainly of low-key EDM that plays while the clusters fall. The basic presentation is pleasing to the senses.

Bombuster, a slot with a 95.74% RTP playable from 10 p/c to $/€40 per spin, isn’t precisely trying to be a high-performance grid slot due to its relatively low potential and volatility. That is to say, instead of high-octane action, you should anticipate a more relaxed gaming experience.

When 5 or more identical symbols line up in a vertical or horizontal line, the player has a winning combination. When this occurs, the winning symbols are eliminated and other symbols fall into their place, increasing the player’s odds of winning. Testing showed a very consistent frequency of victories, albeit on the smaller side for the most of the time; nonetheless, the official hit rate has not yet been revealed.

However, when symbols fall in clusters, it is possible to win a decent amount all at once. For instance, a cluster of 40+ 7’s (the highest paying symbol) will win you 1,000 times the stake. From there in descending sequence, the rest of the symbols are bells, stars, watermelons, plums, oranges, lemons, and cherries. Any collection of 40 or more of the same generic icons is worth between 200 and 900 times the initial investment. Only the large golden ‘W’ representing wild remains. It can be used as a stand-in for other pay symbols to complete clusters.

Booby Trap: Key Features

The three bombs that make up the characteristics mean that larger clusters have the potential to yield decent wins, but they may also serve to prevent them from forming. These explosive devices spawn at random on the grid and remain there for a predetermined amount of time before detonating and unleashing their altering effects.

The incoming bombs will be accompanied by one or more pointing devices. Blast patterns show the general direction in which explosions will have an impact. The first right-pointing column, for instance, could provide a Wild Bomb. The row of icons to its right will become wild as soon as this bomb detonates. Furthermore, a bomb’s blast will go all the way to the grid’s edge and set off any additional bombs it passes.

After up to three rotations, the red Destroy Bomb will detonate on the playing field. By obliterating everything in its path, the Destroy Bomb makes room for newly formed symbols. Unlike the Wild and Swap Bombs, this one cannot wipe out newly formed symbols.

The green Swap Bomb can be on the board for up to fifty rotations before detonating. It only leaves one kind of symbol along its explosive route when it goes off. Multiple Swap Bombs can detonate in rapid succession, with the result being a single, uniform sign.

For up to 200 turns, the yellow Wild Bombs are the most evasive of the three types. When this one goes off, it turns every space it passes through into a wild. No matter how many additional explosions occur on top of them, wild symbols will always be revealed.

Judgment: A Bombardment

Red Tiger has amassed a large and diversified library of grid slots in its portfolio. You can never tell what kind of quality xylophone you’ll get because of this varying distribution. A bombastic person or thing is one that falls somewhere in the center. The quality is average at best. The majority of the time, you’ll be spinning in neutral, nuking the occasional sign as larger wins loom in the distance. Once in a while, you’ll experience a streak of cluster wins, which will be amplified by the domino effect of bombs detonating one another.

However, contrary to popular belief, Bombuster is not a rogue grid slot. It can only accomplish so much without other features like free games, sticky wilds, and multipliers. If Bombuster makes use of the resources at his disposal, he may win no more than 2,020 times his initial wager. Not a game with huge wins or exciting moments.

Overall, a lighter grid slot presented in a pleasant futuristic manner may appeal to the casual gamblers that Red Tiger is so good at luring. If players are searching for more, they should look elsewhere. Compared to Play’n GO’s or any other company’s enormous grid slots, Bombuster simply doesn’t stand a chance.






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