Project 365 Info graphic Installation
The Synopsis :
Project 365 is an archiving vault where histories are recorded using design methods in chronological orders. It merges design and information, and strikes a balance between aesthetics and facts. Project 365 is the bridge from the present, the reminder of the past, and the archive for the future. Ultimately, when people are overcame with acute nostalgic for the past, they have a place to go where design takes the role as solution.
My research on the past’s events is according to Google’s highest search key words via Google Trends. Google Trends has a compilation of search result for top keywords entered by the internet users of different regions.  Using a variety of data mining and analysis techniques, it allows users to look through the search query data for the popular topic at a specific time. Through Google Trends, I intend to find out the top daily searches of 365 news and events for the year 2009.
The pyramids are hand folded and in 5 different sizes each sizes represents the popularity of the news archived for the day. A white panel of a size 2000mm x 1200mm is placed on the tables as the base. 365 Pyramids were being placed on top of the base in a flowing sequence. From hotness level, Volcanic to Mild. The colors of the Pyramids consist of different months and the sizes of it determine the hotness level. A Total of Colorful Info graphics in a form of 3 Dimensional concept.
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