Information Graphic // Project 365 by Google

We are living in a fast-changing environment where people tend to get easily attracted by the latest trends and engrossed with the most recent events. With this as a problem past events are normally and often be clean forgotten. Even events that had happened 1 week ago we may even have forgotten about it. This is crucial because the importance of history is that we are able to learn from past mistakes and gain insights from other’s experiences where else this serve a very important issue which is the lack on General knowledge. Knowledge is equivalent to power. If anyone possesses a collection of general knowledge, one has ultimate power. Establishing comprehensive, global collections of knowledge already fascinated mankind thousands of years ago. Today, modern communication and technology offer efficient access of information which is the internet. This information’s are engaged in a race against time in both the technological and creative area. Project 365 is an archiving vault where histories are recorded with design methods in chronological orders. As we are living in a fast changing society, latest news and trends take over our mind quickly and effortlessly, resulting in forgetting the past events. History is a reflection of our past and we can gain invaluable insights learning from it. This is a real project which I have aspiration to make it part of a browser.

PROJECT 365 is my BA GRAPHIC DESIGN project, and the one with the most importance so far. The idea was to create a SOLUTION TO AID US TO UNDERSTAND AND RETRIEVE INFORMATION THAT HAPPEN IN THE PAST 2009 with the help of google keywords. THE LOGO consists of a singapore icon which indicate the localised of this project as a starting point. “Archiving History for the future”
This data chart is an overview on the process of the raw data collected into the catergorization methods on monthly basis. This show an analysis of the user information-seeking habits while events is archived through Google hotrends which tabulate the top 100 ketwords daily.
An expansion of a  series of Info graphic poster to showcase the visual representation of the information in the event title. This is to create a testing on the visual hierarchy for further development on the proposed outcomes.
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