Bad Hire Survey 2013 // Infographic

Bad Hire Survey information design for RecruitPlus (Singapore). Whenever the focus is turns to improving companies’ productivity, the 2 often touted solutions are continuous training and automation. The selection of the human resource is always neglected. That is akin to having world class culinary training and kitchen equipment but using someone who don’t even know how to handle a knife to begin with. That is why RecruitPlus Consulting decided to commission our first survey targeting exclusively on companies’ hires that just couldn’t deliver (or as we termed as a bad hire) and measuring them against the perceived contribution by the hires on the opposite end of the spectrum, the Super Performers or A Players. RecruitPlus sent out the survey to over 4,000 Singapore employers in December 2012. Adrian Tan, Managing Director of RecruitPlus Consulting, said that the survey findings reflect a common sentiment: “Especially in a tight labor market like the one we are experiencing, companies have to sacrifice quality for speed and this often mean making hiring decision with complete disregard to cultural, behavioral & motivational fit,” he said.

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